Independent Testing Results: Mazda Miata ND

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I had my car dynoed at Drift Office (local performance/dyno tuning shop in Auburn, WA) today and I have to say that I am pretty happy with the results 

 Since I recently got my Edelbrock Supercharger kit, I wanted to get a baseline to see the delta gains between my current mods vs supercharger (w/ custom Ecutek tune). Once I install the Supercharger and my tune is finalized, I will go for another dyno session and post the results .

Current Mods:

  • OFT Stage 3 Map (91 oct tune)
  • OFH (Open Flash Header)
  • Greddy Axle Back Muffler

Here’s my car compared to a bone stock ND Miata on the very same dyno , it looks like the car gains about +19whp and +17 wtq with these mods which is pretty substantial IMO.

Not to mention, these are just the peak gains and gap is even bigger at certain RPMs as you can see in the graph as well as the noticeable bump in the mid range (are under torque curve). I have to mention though, car certainly feels much faster in real life, especially in the track environment where you’re consistently over 4-5k rpms. For the reference, I have been using the car primarily for track use and OFT+OFH have been on the car since day one with no ill effects. I have been also datalogging and monitoring my temps. 

More importantly, it also looks pretty similar to the with Stock ND 2 Miata numbers. For the sake of consistency, I used the graphs from the same type of dyno (Dynojet) and 91 octane tune. 

Here’s the dyno graph from Grass Roots motorsports article 

I tried to overlay above picture with my dyno graph. You will notice the most outer curve with blue line is my ND1 Miata and the dotted/fuzzy line is the ND2. So basically ND2 Stock Miata falls somewhere between the Modified ND1 and Stock ND1 lines. ND1 with tune and mods have both hp and torque advantage especially in the mid range where it matters the most and the advantage is there up until 6500 rpm. ND2 then has a slight HP advantage . I hope it’s readable 

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