E-Tune Service, or Erase Credit Requests

If you’re trying to find the free Off-The-Shelf tune file request form, it has moved here: https://www.openflashtablet.com/free-off-the-shelf-tune-file-request/

With this online form you can:

  • Request to have our tuning staff to review your datalogs.
  • Request a new tune file (based on your datalogs) for your current e-tuning session.
  • Request to receive your initial basemap for your pre-paid custom e-tune.
  • Request additional OFT Erase Credits

OFT Erase Credits

HELP: I need more Erase Credits. What to do next? Click here!

Datalog Review (multi-platform)

We enjoy supporting our customers, and do offer free datalog review (with few limitations) for any person tuning their car or motorcycle with our hardware!

Please use the submit your request for a member from our tuning staff to review your datalogs.

NOTE: This service is intended for Mazda MX5 owners only. The engine system in this chassis is very susceptible to octane quality based on their region. We’d like to ensure our MX5 OTS tune customers are using the optimal stage tune file for their fuel quality. You must have your most recent datalog(s) ready to upload; it is required. 

Our OTS tune files for GT86 chassis’ are already very well dialed in, and take advantage of the ECU’s IAM multiplier to dial-in the ignition control per chassis/fuel quality automatically while you drive. You do not need free datalog review. Rolex Submariner Replica

Custom E-Tune

Current e-tuning customers, please use the scheduler below to book a time slot with a member of our tuning staff.

Before scheduling to receive a custom tune, you should have already purchased our custom e-tuning service from here.

To request your initial basemap, please have your ORIGINAL tune file ready to upload when requesting your tune file; it will need to be uploaded. You should have already installed (aka ‘married’)  your OFT to your vehicle, and completed a READ function.

Please understand that BY LAW we are unable to fulfill any tune request to modify ECU software operations with the principal effect to bypass, defeat, or render inoperative any device or OEM element of design. This also includes any functions and operations that may have the effect of increasing vehicle pollutant outputs beyond accepted/enforced levels mandated by the EPA. 

Initial Custom E-Tune Basemap

If you’ve already purchased a custom e-tune from us, please be prepared to upload your ORIGINAL tune, and write out your detailed mod list.

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