ECU Flash for KTM 790 Duke



Big power gains for your KTM 790 Duke through our ECU Remapping Service


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ECU Flash for KTM 790 Duke

Countless hours of development on our in-house dyno combined with days of testing at various racetracks have resulted in a fully optimized and reliable ECU calibration for the 790 Duke.  Our ECU flash incorporates a slightly higher rev limiter,  revised fuel/spark/throttle tables and elimination of the deceleration fuel cut.  This all works together to provide a very smooth and tractable power delivery with no hesitations or nonlinearities.  Variant calibrations available for various exhaust modifications.  On an otherwise stock 790 Duke, running premium grade gasoline, our ECU remap resulted in a 6 to 12hp gain through most of the useable rev range (see graph).

Once an order is placed, we will reach out to you via email requesting a list of your vehicle’s modifications.  We will also provide you details on how to remove and ship your ECU to us for remapping.  ECU removal/re-installing only takes a few minutes and requires no special tools.

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