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Revolutionary hub based multiple-vehicle tuning platform for your 2020-2021 Toyota Supra. No ECU unlocks or software licenses required. 100% Restorable with ECU back-up file.  All reading/writing through a plug-and-play ECU harness instead of the OBD2 port for superior diagnostic invisibility.

Shipping January 15 2021

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Thunderhill Raceway testing video courtesy of The Racer’s Line (Concord, CA)

OpenFlash Hub for Toyota Supra (2020-2021*)

Finally, a truly revolutionary multiple-vehicle ECU tuning tool for your Toyota Supra!  Unlike other tuning options that require ECU unlocks after every software update by the dealer, the OpenFlash Hub never requires ECU unlocking of any type.  Also, whereas other products flash the ECU through the OBD2 diagnostic port (leaving an impossible-to-hide footprint), the OpenFlash Hub bypasses the diagnostic port altogether and connects to the ECU plugs using its very own plug-and-play harness.  Not funneling all communications through the diagnostic port allows for not only a compete back-up of the ECU (both mapping and EEPROM data) but also a complete 100% back-to-stock ECU restoration.  Due to the direct-to-ECU connection, write times are under 3 minutes.

Multiple Vehicles?

Yes!  Unlike other ECU tuning tools, the OpenFlash Hub does not marry to any single vehicle.  This means that one OpenFlash Hub can be purchased to tune every car in your local car club.  While OpenFlash Hub comes with a single tune file for one car, each additional tune file (for other cars) can be purchased for $395.  For example, if a group of 10 Supra owners wanted to their cars, they would need to purchase one OpenFlash Hub ($1395) and 9 ECU tune files ($395 each), costing $1395+(9 x $395) or $4950.  This works out to a per car price of $495.   Furthermore, the OpenFlash Hub will give each user the ability to truly revert back to stock prior to the dealership visits and then rewrite their tune file afterwards.  No need to ship your ECU anywhere.

What is the tuning process like?

The tuning process is very simple:

  1. Locate the ECU just next to the driver’s side shock tower.  Remove plastic cover to expose the ECU connectors.  With the ignition power OFF, disconnect all six ECU connectors.
  2. Connect the OpenFlash Hub plug-and-play harness to the ECU.
  3. Connect the supplied power cables to the 12v and ground terminals near the passenger side shock tower and plug the other side into the OpenFlash Hub.
  4. Connect the OpenFlash Hub to your PC laptop using the supplied USB cable.  Launch the OpenFlash User software.
  5. Read the ECU and save a complete back-up file.  Submit the back-up file through our website’s OTS (Off-The-Shelf) Tune File Request link along with details of your car.  Within 24hrs, a compatible tune file will be emailed back to you.  During this time, if needed, your car can still be driven once the original ECU connectors plugged back in.
  6. Write the supplied ECU tune to the ECU using the OpenFlash Tuning Hub.  Disconnect OpenFlash Hub cables from the vehicle and reconnect original ECU plugs.
  7. That’s it!  Go for a drive and enjoy our new found power gains.



  • OpenFlash Hub ECU Programming Tool
  • Plug-in ECU harness, battery power cable and USB cable
  • Custom-tailored ECU tune file based upon your modifications


* Currently only ECUs manufactured prior to June 2020 can be remapped.   We are working on compatibility with the newer production dated ECUs and expect to have a solution soon.

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