Why Choose OFT vs. Other Tuning Solutions?

With many tuning/ECU programming solutions on-market its difficult to know and understand why you should choose one instead of another. The purpose of this article is to help you understand why you should choose the OpenFlash Tablet for your ECU diagnostic and programming needs vs. other solutions.

What do you get when buying an OpenFlash Tablet?

This is probably the easiest question to answer. When buying an OpenFlash Tablet you’re provided with a physical piece of hardware that is regularly updated with new features and vehicle support being added continuously.

When purchasing and using the OFT, you immediately have access to our entire free off-the-shelf tune database. Our tune files are highly developed and tested on our state of the art dynamometers, rigorously tested on-track, and thoroughly vetted on-street (where applicable) for performance, longevity, and drive-ability.

Our free off-the-shelf tune files are never locked or encrypted. This means that you (as a vehicle owner or DIYer) can view and edit our tune files as you desire. This allows you to easily use our tune files as a starting point for your custom tune if you want to do it yourself, or have a 3rd party tuner do the work for you.

The OFT is regularly updated, allowing it to retain nearly 90% of its original purchase value. The most important thing to know and understand is that when you own a universal OFT, your device is capable of tuning/programming ECU’s for many vehicle makes and models. That is important for a few reasons – primarily, future use or resale value if/when you move to a new project

When the day comes for you to sell your vehicle (or move to a new one), you can uninstall and move your OFT to your new project (if it’s supported). If not, selling your OFT to anyone with a compatible vehicle at almost full retail price is easy! You are not be limited to selling to only someone with the exact make and model vehicle you once had*!

Find our Frequently Asked Questions here.

Please see the list below to understand for which vehicles the Universal OFT is compatible:

*Certain applications that are highlighted in the peach color are vehicle specific, and will not work on/with universal OFT applications.

Pricing Comparison

Lets evaluate the cost of purchasing an OFT vs. other tuning solutions (with their officially supported) hardware below:

Please find a detailed breakdown of the table below.

OpenFlash Tablet (Universal):

  • $499 :: OpenFlash Tablet :: This includes the ability to READ, WRITE, DATALOG tune files to your vehicle, and access to our free off-the-shelf tune file database.
  • $Free :: Compatible tune files for your vehicle!

Because our tune files are not locked or encrypted, you can open, review, or manipulate the data however necessary. This unlocked file also allows you or another tuner to reverse-engineer the tune and/or ECU program for additional development work and engineering.

Total price to READ, WRITE, DATALOG, and EDIT tune files to your vehicle ECU: $499

ECUTek (GT86 and Limited Mazda):

  • $200 :: Bluetooth Kit/Programming Cable (average retail price)
  • $120 :: Programming Dongle :: Windows PC Required (not included)
  • $300 :: Flash Credits (variable cost based on ECU/vehicle [225 credits needed for GT86])

A few notes about using the ECUTek programming system:

Flash credits are consumable. Once they are purchased and used on your vehicle they can never be retrieved or refunded. They are a zero value item that you must purchase to program tune files.

Recognize that to this point, you’ve only purchased the ability to READ, WRITE, and DATALOG your ECU. None of the purchases to this point include any tune files. For map editing with ECUTek, you must be setup with them as a tuner, and invest into their products. As a customer/end-user you have no ability to create or modify any tune files for your vehicle.

  • $300 – $600 :: Custom Tune :: from a 3rd party tuner. This tune file cannot be reviewed, inspected, or modified by you as an owner; or any other 3rd party.

Remember: ECUTek locks and encrypts your ECU. It prevents any other tools (including some dealership tools) from reading, writing, and interacting with your ECU.

Total price to READ, WRITE, and DATALOG tune files for your vehicle ECU: $920 – $1120 (depending on your tune cost). Please recall that you have no ability to edit your tune files using ECUTek.

VersaTuner Full (Mazda):

  • $399 :: VersaTuner Full :: Software License
  • $170 :: VersaLink USB Vehicle Interface :: Windows PC Required (not included)

A few notes about using VersaTuner Full Software License and Vehicle Interface:

At the time of this writing, VersaTuner is not able to be resold to anyone, ever. The software licensing follows the vehicle/VIN for which you’ve originally purchased, and cannot be transferred to a new VIN.

VersaTuner Full software licensing system is currently structured as consumable. It can never be resold to a new user when you’re prepared to move to a new platform. Even if you move to a new platform that is supported by VersaTuner, you’ll need to purchase the license again!

Remember: VersaTuner Full locks and encrypts your ECU. It prevents any other tools (including some dealership tools) from reading, writing, and interacting with your ECU.

Total price to READ, WRITE, DATALOG, and EDIT tune files to your vehicle ECU (with an officially supported cable): $569