BMW M5 (F10) v2 Tuning Sneak Peek

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Since the weather has been so rainy here lately, I spent another full day testing our new v2 calibration on the dyno. Seems like it is only place we can run the car at WOT safety. As before, the car is our 2015 F10 M5 Competition. No mods other than OFT tune and Ti cat-back sound (only benefit is weight savings and sound). Still running STOCK intakes, STOCK downpipes, etc. All testing on 93oct. All pulls in 5th gear (DCT). 

Here are some consecutive runs showing run to run consistency:

And here are those runs compared to the stock baseline of the same M5 Competition. Non Competitions make a bit less power when stock so the difference between stock and tuned will be even greater.

Compared to the previous dyno graphs shown a few days ago, here’s a few things I did today on the dyno: 

-Widened the window of peak power (>630whp) by increasing torque in the 5000-5500 range as well as reduced the amount of torque taper at high RPM. This was actually done by lowering the boost a bit up top. If you try to run over 21-22psi of boost at high RPM with stock cats/exhausts, the turbos tend to choke up and power starts to roll off.
-Brought rev limiter back to stock 7250rpm instead of 7400rpm like with previous OTS tunes. Power curve is already so fat and useable, there really wasn’t any reason to rev the engine out any higher.
-Modified pre-spool turbo tables to give more immediate boost response. We can pull this off successfully now due to the new method of controlling boost which pretty much makes boost spikes a thing of the past.
-Enriched AFR tables a bit more at high RPM to aid in in-cylinder cooling for those who fancy a top speed or two. AFR targets are as rich as 11.4:1 up top.
-Limited permissible torque output in 1st gear by nearly 40%, second gear by 30% and 3rd gear by 10%. Full torque from 4th gear and up.

Had a small window of time where roads on the highway were dry enough for some pulls. Yeow…. it’s fast. Engine feels very unstrained and just keeps pulling and pulling. Our goal was to make the M5 feel like a rev-happy naturally aspirated M engine (but one with a torque plateau of 600lb-ft). Nailed it. So easy to drive and modulate with the throttle. Compared to conventional tunes that run maximum boost and let the ECU dial things back based upon knock activity, this one is as stable and consistent as one can hope for. In the upcoming days, we will be testing this tune in a non-competition M5. And shortly after that, we will release it to customers. Can’t wait for you guys to try it!


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