Independent Testing Results: Off-The-Shelf v4.0x GT86 Tunes

Initial Post found here: — All writing and formatting is copied directly from the source link. Video at the bottom of the post.


I thought I’d post this here incase anyone was curious on the results.

2013 BRZ
6 Speed
56,000 Miles

Performance Mods:
Tomei UEL Headers
Motiv Overpipe
Motiv Front Pipe with High Flow Catalytic Converter
Perrin 2.5″ Resonated Catback
Open Flash Tuner (OFT) with stage 2+ 4.0x Tune
93 Octane Gas

Supertek Intake Inlet w/ K&N Filter

184hp/148trq to the wheels


Graph 1 = Stage 2+ v4.0x with mods
Graph 2 = Stock Tune with Perrin Catback/Intake vs. Stage 2+ v4.0x with mods

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