Release: OpenFlash Performance Off-The-Shelf v2 Tunes for F10 M5 (all variants)

Well …

It’s been a LONG 2 weeks on the dyno, but we’ve got a lot of -well, everything- to show for it!

We’re proud to present our v2 F10 M5 Off-The-Shelf maps! 

The new mapping brings some additional refinement and enhancements to our already fantastic v1.2 mapping. 

These maps contain additional TQ management operations, while still retaining OEM safety mechanisms: Such as CAT over-heat protections, boost control strategies, combustion temp control (fueling), and much much more. There is no reasonable need to sacrifice OEM control strategies for power — it just ins’t required!

In the graphs below, you can see the direct difference between the new v2, and previous v1.2 mapping (v2.0 is bold):

Test Vehicle #1- F10 M5 (Non-Competition)
Fuel: 93 Octane (USA)
Mods: Aftermarket Downpipes with Performance Catalytic Converters Only

Test Vehicle #2- F10 M5 (Competition)
Fuel: 93 Octane (USA)
Mods: Titanium Cat-Back Exhaust Only.

As we’ve touched on in post before, limiting TQ is key here. Keeping the heat out of the engine assembly at the lower RPM really allows the twin-turbo 4.4L v8 to sing up-top!

Like I said, its been a BUSY 2 weeks! We’ve completely re-worked and updated our website in an effort to make it easier to navigate and find what you need.

All current customer: Please request your new v2 tune files by following this link ->…-file-request/

Allow us 1-5 days to get your request fulfilled. 

We’ve got an entire world of customers to get squared away with these new tunes!

If you have any questions, we’re here to get you sorted out!

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