September Updates

Thanks for sticking with us! We’ve been heels deep in development on several platforms, and are working to bring new products and features to market rapidly.

Recently released OFT’s includes:
– Mercedes AMG (C63)
– Toyota Tacoma
– Miata MX5 (ND2)

Soon-to-Market OFT’s includes:
– 2015+ Ford F150 (3.5L)
– 2020+ S1000RR
– BMW M5 (F90)

Production development/exploration includes:
– 2020 Toyota Supra
– Chevrolet C8 Corvette

Miata ND2 Stage Tune Dev’

Miata MX5 ND2 Stage Tune Development is going really well! It was exciting to see the OEM mapping/engine hardware produce baseline power figures near that which the OEM states as crank figures (181hp). Our baselines were ~177HP. The cars are certainly underrated, making this a 200+ crank HP car from the factory. Impressive!

The Mazda engineers certainly put a lot of time and energy into developing a fantastic OEM header/exhaust, head porting, camshaft profile, intake manifold and induction system.

Mercedes AMG Tuning

Put our AMG back on the dyno for some additional testing after performing additional reverse engineering and ROM development. The results were fantastic!

On the dyno
557HP 637TQ

Custom e-Tuning

If you’ve been waiting for custom tune maps, we’ve been a bit delayed; due in part to new OFT tuning features and enhancement roll-out/testing. Thanks for you patience! We are working diligently to get all tune back-log caught up.

OFT Hardware Updates and Recovery

Most devices that were plagued by a past software update (which cause errors while reading/writing new tune files) have been recovered. If you’re one of the few still met with the trouble, we can easily get you back up and running. Please complete our online form by clicking here.

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