Some Thoughts: 550BHP 2019 M2 Competition

“Affordable” automotive nirvana can be found with a 550bhp M2C. Drove it aggressively for the first time (on my way to gym of course) and it’s nothing short of brilliant. More details to come as time permits 🙂

But cliff notes: the extra power doesn’t overwhelm the chassis the least bit. The only difference is that the power drifts it would do in 2nd gear, it can now do in 3rd gear. And now with an obvious power peak at 6k, it is actually a joy to rev out.

And driven hard on a backroad, the car should get about 100 miles to a tank! At thunderhill, 2 40 min sessions depleted a whole tank at stock power levels. With another 110hp, it’s going to be even more ridiculous.

On the Dyno, ready for development
Power coming in nicely!
Back in the stable

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