OpenFlash Updates and Product Launch Information

New Products

New OFT’s will be shipping soon! New offerings are for the following vehicles:

  • 2016+ Toyota Tacoma (3.5L)
  • 2019+ Mazda Miata ND2

In development:

  • Mercedes AMG GTS
  • BMW M5 (F90)
  • BMW (F-Series) M3/4 (Updated/New Bootloader Support)

New Software

In the new year, we had a software update roll-out that caused some issue with a select few OFT’s where they would no longer read/write the ECU, or interact with OpenFlash Manager to upload/download ROM files and Datalogs.

This was due to a system file verification error during the update process. The issues presence led to the development of an entirely new OS framework for the OFT , and will being to roll-out automatic via the OFT update process soon.

In the meantime we’re still working actively to manually update any customers effected by the past update issue via remote login to your PC. If you’ve been effected by the issue self-schedule an appointment so that we can remotely login to fix your OFT:

Where you’re asked for a ticket number, please enter “from website”.

  1. Please try to use a PC with USB 2.0 port
  2. Have the OFT, USB cable in-hand. 
  3. If possible, have the car available for ECU reading/writing as needed.

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